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Hunter And Bowhunter Education Instructors Recognized

Volunteer hunter and bowhunter education instructors were recognized this weekend for their contributions to the program at the annual instructor workshop in Billings.

Instructors are invaluable in creating the next generation of safe, ethical and responsible hunters, and maintaining our hunting heritage in Montana. Between Jan. 1, 2021, and March 1, 2023, Region 5 had 582 in-person students in hunter and bowhunter education classes.

Service awards are given to instructors for every five years of active teaching. Special recognition awards are given to those instructors who have shown initiative in enhancing the program. This year, Brian Thorson, Jr. of Billings was awarded Instructor of the Year, and Irv Wilke of Laurel received the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award. Instructors are nominated by FWP staff members involved with the program, including local game wardens.

Hunter education is required for anyone born after Jan. 1, 1985, wanting to purchase or apply for a Montana hunting license. Participants must be at least 10 years old. Bowhunter education is required for all first time bowhunters to hunt archery-specific seasons. Both classes are offered free of charge.

For more information on hunter and bowhunter education in Montana, including upcoming courses, please visit:

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please visit:

5 Year Bowhunter Education

  • Randy Mesce

  • Jason Olson

  • Rick Trefny

  • Franklin Wilkinson

10 Year Bowhunter Education

  • Eldo Fosness

  • Douglas Whitney

20 Year Bowhunter Education

  • William Molina

30 Year Bowhunter Education

  • James Knight

5 Year Hunter Education

  • Kurt Lang

  • Lane Longmire

  • Randy Mesce

  • Jason Olson

  • Joe Veches

  • Franklin Wilkinson

  • Matt Wipf

10 Year Hunter Education

  • William Molina

15 Year Hunter Education

  • Daryl Bergerson

  • Jay Forseth

  • Justin Paugh

  • Alan Ronneberg

20 Year Hunter Education

  • Carrie Klempel

  • Brian Thorson, Jr.

25 Year Hunter Education

  • Peter Knapp

30 Year Hunter Education

  • Frank Ewalt

  • Rick Waltner

  • Carl Zabrocki

35 Year Hunter Education

  • Terry Brumfield

40 Year Hunter Education

  • William Sauers

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