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Hike To Baldy Mountain Leads To Search & Rescue Being Called Out

Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Submitted by Mel Rice: Public Relations Officer

On the evening of October 10, 2023, the Beaverhead Search and Rescue was paged to search for two 72 year old gentlemen. The page for search managers went out at approximately 9:15 PM. The two elderly men left town the morning of the 10th with the intent of walking off the Black Mountain road and hiking to the summit of Baldy Mountain. After spending the day on the mountain, their energy and stamina had run out. The two men sat down and rested waiting for assistance to show up and help them get off Baldy.

Beaverhead Search and Rescue deployed 5 teams to the field to assist in the search for the two assumed lost individuals. The 5 teams were sent to different areas around Black Mountain and Baldy Mountain. Areas that were identified as possible find locations were the Black Mountain road, Dyce Creek, Estler Creek above Kelly Reservoir, Argenta area, and the Baldy Mountain Trailhead.

At 10:35 a Deputy Sheriff located the individuals’ truck as well as foot prints heading up the trail in the direction of Baldy Mountain. At 11: 59 PM, search teams met up with the deputy and formulated a plan to search the mountain for the two missing individuals. At approximately 1:48 AM the missing subjects were located by Team 2 made up of Nathan Freeman and Dusty Crowe. They made assessments of the individuals’ health and physical condition. It was determined one of the individuals would walk off the mountain and the second individual would need assistance to get down. Around 2:00 AM Dusty started the decent off the mountain. Nathan built a fire and stayed with the other party member who was experiencing extreme knee and leg pain. Teams 2 and 5, Julia Clark, Adam Norlander, Alex Dunn, and Trent Cottom headed up the trail with the rescue mule and chain saws to cut open the trail to bring the second member off the mountain. All rescue teams and the two overdue gentlemen arrived back in town at approximately 6:30 AM.

Other individuals participating in the search were: Team 3 Smittie Smith and James Matthews, Team 4 Clint Rouse and Parke Scott and Jason Erickson who served as incident commander for the search and eventual rescue of the two men. At this time the BVHD SAR unit would like to remind everyone going out to enjoy our beautiful country to be prepared for any and all possible situations. Have proper clothing with you, proper equipment, and be in your best physical condition possible. Weather this time of year is at best very unpredictable. Please be careful out there and take care of yourselves. “In the Business of Saving Lives”, your Beaverhead Search and Rescue.

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