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WHITEFISH, Mont., Nov. 13, 2020 – Today, Friday, Nov. 13, the Frontier Conference

Council of Presidents (COP) approved the Frontier’s COVID-19 Return to Play policy.

“The document was authored by the league’s athletic directors and athletic trainers,

conference Commissioner Kent Paulson said. “The document was designed to

supplement and further detail the health protocols that have been in place for the fall

sports. By following these health protocols through the support of contest administration

and medical training staffs, the league was able to successfully complete play in both

cross-country and golf.”

Specific tenants of this document include: weekly COVID-19 testing of all in-season

student-athletes followed by documented verification that will be communicated

between medical training staffs of opposing schools in a given athletic contest.

Mandatory health screening will be required at each of our league’s athletic facilities.

In order to decrease the transmission of COVID-19 the Frontier Conference will require

that each institution work with local health authorities to follow established contact

tracing protocols. Additional safety precautions will be instituted regarding facilities,

suggested health sanitations and face coverings. All local and state health authorities will

be regularly consulted at our various institutional locations.

At this time, the Frontier Conference institutions will NOT have spectators at hosted

events through December 31, 2020. This decision will be evaluated by each institution at

a later point in time as conditions change.

“The safety of our league’s student-athletes, coaches and staffs will always be first and

foremost on our list of priorities,” Paulson said. “By continuing to follow our proven

successful health protocols it is the goal that the upcoming sports of basketball, indoor

track and field, volleyball and football can be successfully carried out to a positive


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