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Donate a Hunting License to Disabled Veterans Armed Forces Members

Montana law allows residents and nonresidents to donate their hunting license and or special permit to a disabled military veteran or disabled active duty service member. This year, there is a higher interest among veterans to take advantage of this program, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is asking for more hunters to donate licenses.

The disabled veteran or active armed forces member must be working with an organization that uses hunting as part of the rehabilitation process.

While one cannot choose the organization to receive a donated license, the disabled veteran or armed forces member who receives the license must be a Purple Heart recipient and have a 70 percent or greater disability rating.

Each license must be donated or surrendered before the beginning of the general hunting season. The deadline to donate your license is Oct. 23 at a FWP office or postmarked by Oct. 23. After donating the license, a hunter cannot repurchase the same license again during the license year.

For more information on the program, visit FWP’s website at Click Disabled Veterans Hunt License Donation or call Licensing at 406-444-2950.

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