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Dog Costume Contest And The Silhouettes Shadow Spook Finish Off Fall Fest 2023

Saturday downtown Dillon was a busy place. The UMW Football team started the day off with a game against Northern. Idaho Street was busy with Fall Fest, and the night was finished off at the Frontier Events Center with a dog costume contest that raised funds for the Beaverhead County Animal Shelter, and then was followed by the Shadow Spook performance by the Silhouettes.

The costume contest had dogs from the animal shelter as well as other dogtestants who strutted their stuff on a model runway. With a handful of judges to find which pooch wore it best. The top ten dogs all got a treat bag and a certificate for participating while the top three dogs won a blanket and a gift bag full of goodies. Spider dog came out with the number one spot.

After the dog contest the audience was treated to a show called Shadow Spook. Working with both live performances and a show produced using shadows and projected onto the big screen at the frontier event center, the audience was immersed in a visually compelling story.

Spook the Shadow and his two friends go on a journey to find Spook's family, along the way they encounter many scary obstacles in the end they all find what they are looking for and realize it was there the whole time.

Proceeds from the show went to help KDBM/KBEV Coats for Kids and Families.

Judges of the dog costume contest take turns introducing themselves.

Spider Dog takes first place in the dog costume contest.

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