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Docs And Dogs Barrett Hospital Celebrates Hospital Week With A Four-Legged Surprise Visit

Barrett Hospital and Health Care has been celebrating Hospital Week all week long. The Hospital has had different activities planned throughout the week, for the staff, as a way to show how much they appreciated them and a heart felt thank you.

On Wednesday May 15th the staff got a special visit a few lucky dogs from the Beaverhead County Animal Shelter came to help them unwind. The rambunctious four legged friends eagerly awaited staff members to come out play with them and to go on a walk.

According to Christie Trapp "This unique initiative is not just about bringing joy to our hospital staff; it also highlights the therapeutic benefits of animal interactions. Research shows that spending time with animals can help reduce stress, improve mood, and promote overall well-being."

All those who participated fell in love with their furry friends a few snapped a couple picture to send home to a spouse to show them what might come home with them. But best of all the health care workers took a few minutes out of their day to unwind and spend some time with the shelter animals.

Enjoy the photo gallery below.

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