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Dillon Public Library Murder Mystery Dinner

Sleuths of all ages gathered on Saturday, the 5th of November as they tried to solve the case of who did it. It was the Dillon Public Libraries Annual Murder Mystery Dinner.

Guests arrived at 5 P.M. for a cocktail hour and a chance to interact with the cast as they could ask them questions and try to solve the mystery. Guests would interact with characters, ask them questions, and take notes if anything suspicious came to mind.

Dinner started at 6 P.M. and along with dinner you observed the events unfold as a play was performed loosely on the formation of the Dillon Public Library and how it came to be with the help of Andrew Carnegie. A few members of Dillon saw the need for the library and pushed for a building to be built. But a few people never wanted this to happen: the Pompus Ass George Willingham III and the Gold Diggin Son of a Gun Henry Plummer.

As the play went along you would see citizens terrorized by Mr. Plummer and his boss George Willingham as laws are enacted to stop their building of the library. Citizens would be thrown in jail for using words like Grants and Library. As the night progressed you would see Mr. Willingham fall dead of what he proclaimed as too much Viagra, but would it be from too much Viagra or from poisoning. Those cookies delivered by Ella Minnow Pea did him in. Who baked the cookies? What was in them was almond, a major clue to all. The night wrapped up and guests made the best educated guess of who did it.

After some dessert and a quick Q&A the audience made their best guess, with Ella Minnow Pea being the one who murdered Mr Willingham. Fun was had by all those in attendance. It was a great fundraiser for the library and something to look forward to in the future.

The actors and parts they played are:

  • Goerge willingham III- Bob Cannady

  • BF White- Bill Laursen

  • Henry Plummer- John Mangels

  • Andrew Carnegie- Mike Weldon

  • Minnie Smith- Meghan Mangels

  • Ella Minnow Pea- Alison Bramlet

  • Mary Hooker- Beatrice Penn

  • Mary Innes- Jessica Kidd

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