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Dillon Public Library 2021 PEEPS DIORAMAS! March 23rd -April 2nd

Hey Dillon Peeple! It’s Peeps Diorama time!

This year, we invite interested diorama artists to take their inspiration from:

What is your “Ideal Peepcation”

Your diorama could depict a possible happening or be a spoof or imagined event. Come visit us and we will be happy to help light the spark of creativity!

Each diorama will be displayed on Southwestern Montana News and Dillon Public Library

Facebook for the public to vote. At the end of the display time, the diorama that has collected the most votes will be awarded the coveted “Peeple’s Choice” award.


1. The most important rules are these:

All main characters must be played by Peeps.

All dioramas must be original.

2. It must be able to be carried by one person. Think of the space we would have available to

display it.

3. Pay attention to: Details….the more you include, the better your diorama will be!

Workmanship…….make it as neat as possible!

4. Give your diorama a title. This should be a play on words using the word “Peep.”

(Example: “Peepza Hut” instead of “Pizza Hut.”) Have your title neatly and prominently

displayed. Be creative!

5. Dioramas may be done by a single person or a group; there are no age restrictions or limits

to the number of contributing artists. Please have the names of all who helped neatly


All dioramas must be brought to the Southwestern Montana News (34 N. Idaho) by

7:30pm, Tuesday, March23rd to be photographed…

The “Peeple’s Choice” winners will be announced Friday, April 2nd.

Please call the library with any questions you may have. 683-4544

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