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Dillon Jaycees Announce Rock Band Hinder For Summer Kick Off Concert Following Demolition Derby

The Dillon Jaycees announced some upcoming changes to the annual Demolition Derby and Kickoff Concert. This year the Demo Derby will be held Saturday June 10th with the action starting at noon. Following the derby the 6th Annual Kickoff Concert will begin. This year the Jaycees are switching things up with the rock band Hinder.

This is the 50th anniversary of the demolition derby who's fate hangs in the balance as some people would like the derby moved from it's current location. The derby will kick off Saturday, June 10th at noon, making it the first derby of the 2023 summer season. The classes will include Stock Class, Herbie Derby, and a UTV Barrel Race. Rules and regulations can be found here. Following the derby Multi- Platinum American Rockers Hinder will take the stage gates open at 7:30 P.M.

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