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Dillon Jaycees 50th Anniversary Demo Derby: Smashing Good Time

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The Dillon Jaycees held their 50th annual Demolition Derby Saturday afternoon at the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds. This year’s derby coincided with the Summer Kickoff Concert featuring rock band Hinder.

The Jaycees are also facing the reality that this year’s derby may be the last one held. The County Commissioners have aired concerns over holding the event at the fairgrounds due to liability issues.

Despite the concerns the derby seating was almost filled as fans cheered on their favorite driver. Hosting both full size cars and the ever-popular Herby Derby and UTV barrel races no one was to come away from the event underwhelmed.

Racers kept the crowd on their seats as they cheered on their favorite driver in all events in the end those drivers and cars who came out on top are:

Main Event

1st Gage Hoerning (repeat from last year)

2nd Nicole Hull

3rd Nick Hunter

4th Chance Davis

5th Shane Kraha

6th Levi turner


1st Cody Rustad

2nd Bill Banks

3rd Ryan Clark

4th Tuesday Clark

Utv race

1st Chase Maloney


1st Alex crane

Best of show

Nicole Hull

Best Performance(mad dog)

Cody Rustad

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