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Demolition Derby Offers Smashing Good Time

The Dillon Jaycees held their annual demolition derby this Saturday night, and it did not disappoint as over 24 cars competed to bring home some of the $15,500 in purse money.

This years competition also had the popular herby derby, the UTV barrel races, and the kids power wheels balloon pop.

The kids balloon pop saw around 10 entries as the little ones where set loose, they didn't always follow the plan but a Jaycee was there to get them back on track. As parents rewired batteries a battle of the ages would play out with only two remaining. To declare the final winner the last two raced around the track as El Toro Loco driven by Brixie Clark, would come out the winner.

The ATV barrel race pitted drivers to a course one is use to watching during a rodeo only it is done with UTV's. This year all the contest completed the course without suffering a rollover.

The herby derby saw compact cars fight it out to see who would be left standing, the full size cars would fight it out tell only one car would be declared the winner. A full night of thrills and spills was had by the crowd as they enjoyed a legendary Jaycee burger and put back a few of those cold ones that accompany a Jaycee event.

The winners of the events are as follows:

  • Best of Show - Nicole Hull from Dillon

  • Mean Gene/Mad Dog- Gage Hoerning from Dillon

  • Power Wheels Derby- Brixie Clark from Sheridan Mt

UTV Barrel Race- Steve Holmes from Dillon

Stock class:

1st Gage Hoerning from Dillon

2nd Shane Kraha from Whitehall

3rd Darrin Morast from Dillon

Class 3:

1st Neil Moore from Baker

2nd Nick Clark from Sheridan

3rd Shane Kraha from Whitehall

Herby class:

1st Crash the Clown aka Bill Lanes from Whitehall

2nd Jackie Kline from Belgrade

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