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Butte High School Receives Threats Leading To Evacuation Of School And Sending Students Home (Updated)

From an email sent from BHS to parents today March 14 at 9:40 A.M.

Butte High School has been notified of a threat to kill teachers and students at BHS using an automatic rifle.  We are currently investigating the threat and out of an abundance of caution we are evacuating the building and sending all students home for the remainder of the day.  Buses will be available to provide transportation to students who regularly ride the bus. Parent teacher conferences scheduled tonight  will also be canceled.  As soon as we get more information regarding the threat we will update you on the school schedule for tomorrow. 


Update 03/14/2024 2:28 P.M.

The Butte School District received notification from the Butte Police Department that Butte High School was never the target of this morning's threat.

In their investigation they learned that the threat was generated from out of state and was meant to target a high school in Washington.

The person who was responsible for generating and posting the threat has been apprehended and taken into custody. Butte High and other Butte School District schools were never a target of this threat.

Based on this information, Butte High and all other schools will follow the regular school schedule for Friday March 15, 2024. I want to personally thank all of the Butte High students, staff, parents and the Butte Police Department for their exemplary performance in handling the situation. Please know that at all times the safety of the students and staff were at the forefront of each decision that was made.

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