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Bringing in 2020 with Roaring 20's Styled Events

The 20's of the 1900 era have been known by all as the roaring twenties. Mainly because of the roaring economic boom that was brought on after WWI. This decade brought about several trends, made possible by economic prosperity. Some of these trends included Jazz, Art Deco, and woman known as flappers.

The roaring 20's also saw large scale adaptions of the automobile, telephone, motion pictures, and households with electricity.

What will the 20's bring us in the 2000's? One can only guess, but this New Years Eve many local business's are bringing it in with a roaring 20's party. For all of the events happening on 12/31/2019 follow our events link to plan a fun New Years Eve. Also we here at Southwesten Mt News want to remind you if you have had to much to drink get a designated driver, but if you find yourself needing a ride home Jaydyn Child will be running Lyft rides from 9 P.M. to 2 A.M. Follow the Lyft link if you need to download the app.


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