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Bookstore Features Montana Authors At Christmas Stroll

Authors, Chuck Johnson and Dave Carty, will be signing books at the Bookstore on Friday during the annual Christmas Stroll from 5:00-7:00.

Chuck is the owner of Wilderness Adventures press in Belgrade and the author of Training the Versatile Hunting Dog. This book shows you how to develop a great hunting dog with his unique approach. The emphasis is on letting your young dog first develop its natural abilities. He then shares how to put the controls on your dog with chapters on trained retrieving and tracking. These versatile breeds also love water and there are detailed chapters on water retrieving. Included in the book is information on choosing a pup, the importance of early socialization and introducing your dog to gunfire and birds. This revolutionary book is written for the popular hunting breeds with detailed explanations and numerous illustrative photos along with lists of suppliers and various hunting dog organizations. Johnson has been training, breeding and hunting with German Wirehaired Pointers for over 30 years as well as writing a column for Pointing Dog journal.

Dave Carty of Bozeman is the author of the debut novel Leaves on Frozen Ground. Meet the Vaillancourt family, where 11 year old Edmund loves the wild country beyond his family's orchard. He is stubborn and willful with a heart that is owned by his dog and a land that can be unforgiving. He finds himself alone in the woods while a killer storm is bearing down on him. His border collie, Breeze is by his side is all he has to keep warm. The book explores what happens when economic and personal bonds are torn apart and tragedy strikes. Telling the story of a small family's struggles and loss stretches them to the limits of family union and love. From beginning to end the vivid descriptions and careful character development prove this story to be the work of a keen observer of the human condition.

Meet the authors at The Bookstore during the Christmas Stroll and Parade of lights. Please call 683-6807 if you have questions or would like to reserve copies of these books.

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