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Boat Ramp & Parking Area At Ennis Fishing Access Site Reopens

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks maintenance staff have completed repairs to the entrance road at Ennis Fishing Access Site, and the boat ramp and parking area are open to visitors.

The campground at the site remains closed while more repairs are made, but it is expected to be open later this month.

Ennis Fishing Access Site is on the Madison River, just south of Ennis. The site flooded in December, which required the site to be closed until the water and ice subsided and FWP could make repairs.

As river flows rise this spring, recreationists should keep in mind that dangerous river conditions can arise suddenly, and access roads can also be impacted. Closures may still be in effect for some fishing access sites throughout Montana. To see where site closures and waterbody restrictions are, visit

Campground remains closed for repairs

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