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Black Mountain Fire Reaches Over 1,000 Acres

Current Size: 1,021 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 75

Engines: 5

Hand crews: 1

Heavy equipment: 6

Helicopters: 1


Following last nights infrared flight, the Black Mountain Fire acreage has been updated to 1021 acres. Thanks to favorable weather conditions including cloud cover and higher relative humidity, fire behavior continues to be light. Smoldering, creeping and occasional singe-tree torching continue to be the prominent behaviors being observed on the main fire. Yesterday crews continued reinforcing indirect fire lines all around the fire and in some places, redirected focus to improving contingency lines. This preparation work is to be ready in the event that a backburn becomes necessary to slow the spread of the fire. More water tanks and pump systems were placed and tested around the fire to support backburn efforts as needed. There still is no threat to any of the indirect line.

Fire managers on the Black Mountain fire are using full suppression where possible with confine and contain strategies to protect primary residences while reducing the risk to wildland firefighters. Operation and planning staff will employ tactics that are most likely to succeed in our current situation and where the benefits are commensurate with the risk involved and are continually evaluating the situation. They may change tactics based on new information and fire behavior.


Crews, engines, helicopters, tenders and large equipment will continue work today to improve indirect lines as well as contingency lines. Most indirect line is complete so, where they are able to, firefighters will fall back and work to improve contingency lines. All lines could assist firefighters in slowing the main fire if it were to make a serious run toward any of the established fire lines.

Engine crews along the Skinner Meadows corridor continue implementing a structure protection plan and scout for opportunities to minimize any impact to private infrastructure and land should the fire grow.


Some moisture was received in the fire area. Enough to decrease fire behavior as relative humidity’s remain higher. There continues to be a chance of possible rain or thunderstorms through today. These thunderstorms could bring outflow winds to the fire area, but increased cloud cover and relative humidity should moderate fire behavior.


With the weekend approaching, public is reminded there are closures in place. The Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF in association with the Salmon-Challis NF, issued a Forest Closure Order on July 21, 2021, to include campgrounds, trails and recreation areas on all National Forest systems land in the west Big Hole Valley (Beaverhead Range). Please visit for more details.

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