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Big Sky Cinema Host Montana Premiere for Atomic Apocalypse

Big Sky Cinema was host Sunday afternoon to the Montana premier of the movie Atomic Apocalypse. Along with writer and producer Martin Gooch and lead actress Krista Demille, movie goers were able to screen a film that used some local talent, as well as a lot of local spots many will recognize in the film.

The film is a sort of post apocalypse glimpse into the future. It starts out with a family on vacation then jumps two years into the future after nuclear devastation hits the world. The film takes a refreshing twist on the end of the world scenario that seems to be playing out in Hollywood. Instead of using the tried and true zombie genre, they go for a nuclear twist and the literal fallout of humanity afterwards.

Originally named The Big Oops as his first draft, director and writer Martin Gooch then changed the name of the film to Black Flowers, which plays a key role in the film. Later on, marketing decided they would change the name to Atomic Apocalypse to help sell the film.

Atomic Apocalypse starts out with action and it rarely dies down from there. With the lead actress Krista Demille facing many trials and tribulations along the way, she tries to keep her family together without the modern conveniences they have grown accustom to.

Featuring local talent Cory Burkenbuel, Travis and Michael Stuffelbean, Stan Smith, and Karle Jane as set extras and fill ins wherever they where needed, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience. If you are from Montana, some of the locations will have you saying, 'hey I know where that is'. The film is a must see for anyone who loves small budget films. Yes, it does have some corny moments, but this is what film making is all about. A group of people with a vision who come together and make it work with what they have. Atomic Apocalypse delivered above my expectations and didn't have me looking at my watch, which is more than I can say for many of the high budget movies coming out of Hollywood as of lately. If you get a chance to see this film, I would recommend it.

Dillon has had a couple film screenings in the past, and as more people are drawn to Montana to shoot with our beautiful scenery, we will more than likely see a lot more screenings at the Big Sky Cinema. If you get a chance to go to one of these films, don't hesitate, as it is one way to experience a small piece of the puzzle that goes into the making of a film.

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