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Beavers Tame The Blue Ponies With A 28 to 21 Win (Full Picture Gallery)

The Dillon Beavers faced off against the Havre Blue Ponies Saturday afternoon at Vigilante Field in the state quarter finals.

With an unbeaten season the Blue Ponies hoped to be the first team to disrupt the Beavers winning streak. But the Beavers would continue the winning streak after a very close fourth quarter.

With a minute and a half left in the game Havre quarterback Griffin Terry would cross the goal line to tie up the game.

The Beavers would not let this slow down their momentum; they would pick up 46 yards on their first two plays and finish with a game winning drive.

The Beavers will play Lewistown on 11/10/2023 at 7 PM on the home turf of Vigilante Field. If the Beavers win that game we will see a state title game played in Dillon.

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