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Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Submitted by: Mel Rice, Public Relations Officer

The Beaverhead Search and Rescue held its March meeting on the 1st of March at the Search and Rescue Building. The meeting was called to order by commander Lawrence Morrisroe at 7:05 PM. There were 22 members in attendance. Once again the past month has been very quiet as far as search/rescue activity. Even though we have not had any call outs, the unit is busy with various types of trainings.

On February 12, the unit held an avalanche training which included field training on how to use transmitters and receivers to locate buried individuals. It also included practice with probe poles and how to do grid searches with them. Individuals participating in the training were: Adam Norlander, MD Peterson, Steve Mock, Sam Peterson, Jamie Trivette, Wade Bush, Joe Reyes, James Mathews, Evan Helle, Jennifer McKay, Charles Weidow, and Shane Puyear. It was a great training exercise for those who attended. And with the amount of snow and snow conditions out there, the chances of needing these skills are highly likely.

Coming up March 30th through April 2nd several members of the Beaverhead SAR unit will engage in a 4 day course, “Managing the Search”, with classroom workshops and field study time to become search managers for the unit. Some of the individuals have participated in similar courses and will be attending this as a refresher. Individuals that will be attending the course are: Chuck Maddox, Kolby Malesich, Jamie Trivette, Joe Reyes, Nathan Freeman, Charles Wharton, Julia Clark, Trevor Hyland, Steve Mock, Wade Bush, and Adam Norlander.

Another training opportunity for members will take place June 10th and 11th. At this time we will have a weekend campout which will include two days of various types of training for members. Member’s spouses and children have a great opportunity to visit and engage with one another out in the hills. We’ll have more info on this event in coming months.

During the meeting we brought on board three new probationary members. These members will participate in all activities of the unit for a period of one year. At that time their participation records will be reviewed and if they have participated in most of the unit’s activities, they will be instated as full members of the Beaverhead Search and Rescue. The newest probationary members are: Westin Helle, Eric Krush, and Charles Wharton. Congratulations to these individual and we look forward to working side by side in the future.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:00 PM. Your Beaverhead Search and Rescue wants to remind everyone that winter is still with us and will be for several more months. Please be extremely cautious if you venture to the great outdoors. Snow conditions are not the best and avalanches are waiting to happen. So whether you are cross country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, or any other type of winter recreation, be extremely careful. Make sure you have all the right equipment. When the weather starts warming ice conditions will also start to deteriorate. Make sure you’re on solid ice if still enjoying those winter activities. Take care and be safe, your Beaverhead Search and Rescue “In the Business of Saving Lives”.

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