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Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Submitted by: Mel Rice: Public Relations Officer

The Beaverhead Search and Rescue held its November meeting on Wednesday the 1st. The meeting was called to order by Vice Commander Shane Puyear. There were 24 members in attendance and 4 guests. It was pointed out that our membership is capped at 60 members and that number has been reached.

There were 4 probationary members who had completed their trial year and were voted in as permanent members. Those individuals are: Joe Reyes, Jamie Trivette, Charles Weidow, and James Matthews. When you see these individuals out and about, please congratulate them on their appointment and thank them for their service.

Other business included critiques of the last two search/rescues we had in the last month. It was also pointed out there will be Wilderness First Aid training in January. There is good news for all you ice fishermen. The FW&P has authorized us to once again have our annual ice fishing derby at Clark Canyon in January. Tickets, dates, and other info will be coming shortly. I know it’s still hunting season but that is coming to a close and then it’s time for the short poles to come out.

We would like to remind everyone to be prepared when you go out to play. It can be a cruel world out there if you’re not prepared. Have fun and be safe, “In the Business of Saving Lives”, your Beaverhead Search and Rescue.

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