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Beaverhead FFA Competes At The NILE Takes 2nd In Vet Science

From Beaverhead FFA teacher Caleb Igo

This was a huge year for the NILE, maybe one of the best-attended events I've ever seen. Over 1100 4H & FFA members representing 124 FFA chapters and 4H clubs from 9 western states competed Monday and Tuesday in the Livestock Judging, Veterinary Science, Ag Sales & Service, and Horse Judging events. This really was the best of the best from our part of the country.

Vet Science - 2nd place team, consisting of Maddy Broksle, Taylor Yecny, Clancy Setzer, and Katie Johnson all placing in the top 20 individually.

Jr FFA Livestock - 7th place team consisting of Kenndyl Meine (1st individual), Bridget Lovaas, Ashlyn Burk, Eli Johnson, & Madison Ward

Sr FFA Livestock - 13th place team consisting of Katie Johnson (4th individual), Savanna Freitas, Parker Dixon, & Rowdy Mattison

Ag Sales - 17th place team consisting of Ryleigh Plovanic (3rd individual), Josi Ward, Asher Burch, & Tucker Sitz

Horse Judging - 19th place team consisting of Katie Johnson (2nd individual), Scarlett Garrison, Nona Wagoner, and Madison Ward.

The picture below is from the Livestock Judging contest on Monday, where we had just over 600 contestants alone!

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