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Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office Announce K9 Program

The Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office is exited to announce the beginning of a new K9 Program. Beginning in fall 2024 to spring 2025, we will be adding two dogs to our patrol team, who will be assigned to existing deputies as their handlers. We are adding two dogs to provide the best possible service to the citizens of the Beaverhead County Area. Our dogs will be trained in Tracking (Criminal and Search and Rescue), Narcotics Detection, and Human Remains Detection.

In 2022/2023, Law Enforcement in Beaverhead County responded to:

  • 71 -Assaults

  • 7 -Assaults with firearm

  • 27 -Break Ins

  • 26 -Burglary

  • 2 -Robbery

  • 57 -Criminal Mischief

  • 62 -Disorderly Conduct

  • 54 -Drug Offense

  • 217 -DUI – Alcohol/Drugs

  • 1 -Escaped Prisoner

  • 45 -Search and Rescue

  • 27 -Missing Person

  • 9 -Shooting

  • 38 -Shots Heard

  • 59 -Trespassing

  • 73 -Unattended Death

  • 85 -Wanted Person

  • 826 -Welfare Check

  • 10 -Probation Violation

  • 40 -Assist Probation and Parole

In Total, Dispatch received 15,169 Calls for service in this time frame. This list only covers a small amount of our call volume where having a K9 available could prove necessary. In 2024, we are already exceeding previous call volume for many categories and are seeing an increase in drug related activity in Beaverhead County.

We are currently seeking funding for our program through grants, community support, and local government funds. We hope to make our program self sufficient through funding acquired outside of the budget of Beaverhead County to ensure the long-term success of the program.

For more information about the K9 Program, please email:

Deputy Dan Fields at or Deputy Cade Dairy at

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