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Beaverhead County S&R Remind Backcountry Explorer's of Avalanche Danger

Yesterday Feb 17, 2021 an Avalanche at Center Mountain in the Big Hole occurred, observers from over a mile away witnessed the avalanche. No one was injured. This is safety awareness notification for our members. This is the second known avalanche to occur in our county. It's important we get the word out, our area has a weak base and the amount of new snow needs to be a concern. Snowtel data from Dark Horse shows 88 inches of snow in the area. The forest service will be making an announcement to the area this week, but we wanted to inform our members and the public asap as we head to the mountains.

The avalanche occurred above 10,000’ elevation on an east aspect (180 degrees) on Center Mountian west of Jackson, MT. GPS coordinates of the slide are: N 45.2261, W 113.6435

Be safe out there and tell your friends. Remember you peeps, probes, and shovels....

Mel Rice- BVHD S&R Public Relations

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