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Beaverhead County Courthouse Host 2024 Spelling Bee

The Beaverhead County Courthouse was the place to be on January 24, 2024, as spellers took to the makeshift stage to showcase their spelling capabilities.

Dr Laura Strauss was the pronouncer who would give the kids their word and help them by using it in a sentence if they asked for it.

Jamie Flynn, Dr. Katrina Kennett, and Deborah McCabe would donate their time as judges with Sharon Anderson taking notes of the spelling of the words as secretary.


The first round would see around six students fail to misspell their word. The second round would take out even more competitors as it came to an end. By the third round you would have your top four spellers.

To be crowned the Spelling Bee champion the person would have to spell their first word correctly and the other three would have to misspell their word. After this the person would then have to spell another word correctly.

The third round would see Rayne Kindberg get her first word right while the other three misspelled their word. Rayne would then miss her second word.

 In the fourth round Ean Field would spell their first word correctly and the other three contestants missed their word.  Ean would then take on his second word to spell it correctly with the other three spellers being runner ups.


Congratulations Ean on winning the Beaverhead County 2024 Spelling Bee.

High fives to the judges as Ean Field takes a victory lap.

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