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Beaverhead Conservation District Meeting


Beaverhead Conservation District

NRCS Office 420 Barrett St

October 26, 2023, 6:00 pm

The meeting will be in-person, but we can open a conference call line if anyone is interested, please let us know by noon the day of the meeting if you would like to call into the meeting.

• Call meeting to order

• Approval of September 21, 2023, minutes

• Financial report

• DNRC Funding Forum

• NRCS Report

• Range Committee Report

• Old 310 business

• New 310 Business

o BCD 2316 Lance Jensen, Culvert, West Fork of Little Sheep Creek

o BCD 2318 Rob Stewart, Beaver Dam Removal, Willow Creek

o BCD 2319 Dan Greenslade, Bridge

o BCD 2320 Gerald Jones, Beaver Dam Removal, Warm Springs Creek

o BCD 2321 Vince Benjamin, Culvert, West Fork of Little Sheep Creek

• Administrator’s Report

• Beaverhead Watershed Committee Grant Reports

• Old Business

o Strategic Planning

• New Business

o Resolution 23-01: A resolution to coordinate reuse of used infrastructure materials (Petroleum

County CD)

o Resolution 23-02: Natural Water Bodies and Land Preservation Disclosure (Missoula CD)

o Resolution 23-03: Irrigator Water Rights (Roosevelt CD)

o Resolution 23-04: Support for Removing Conservation Leasing from the BLM’s proposed Public

Lands Rule BLM-1004-AE92 (Phillips CD)

o Resolution 23-05: Resolution to Support the Governor’s Recommendation to Exclude Grizzly Bear Encroachment into Eastern Montana (Valley County CD)

• Upcoming Events

o Next meeting date – December 14th 6pm

o Convention – November 14-16th

• Public Comment

• Adjournment

**Please note the deadline for 310 permits is the 2nd Thursday of the month. Permits will be reviewed at the meeting on the third Thursday. Any work in streams or on streambanks requires a 310 permit per Montana Law. This includes emergency work for flood control, etc. If you have questions, please call 683-3802.

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