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Beaverhead Conservation District Meeting


Beaverhead Conservation District

NRCS Office 420 Barrett St

December 8, 2022, 6:00 pm

The meeting will be in-person, but we can open a conference call line if anyone is interested, please let us know by noon the day of the meeting if you would like to call into the meeting.

• Call meeting to order

• Approval of October 20, 2022, minutes

• Financial report

• NRCS Report

• Range Committee Report

• Old 310 business

• New 310 Business

  1. BCD 2212 Double C Ranch Holdings, Winslow Creek, New Channel and Reservoir for Artic Grayling

  2. BCD 2220 Angela Howell, Concrete sump box, Beaverhead River

  3. BCD 2221 Red Rock Springs Ranch, Channel Restoration, Unnamed Tributary of Buck Creek

  4. BCD 2222 Big Hole Watershed Committee – Ben LaPorte, Beaver Dam flooding mitigation,

  5. Remnant channel of the Big Hole River

• Administrator’s Report

• Beaverhead Watershed Committee Grant Reports

• Old Business

• New Business

• Upcoming Events Next meeting date – January 19th, 2023

• Public Comment

• Adjournment

**Please note the deadline for 310 permits is the 2nd Thursday of the month. Permits will be reviewed at the meeting on the third Thursday. Any work in streams or on streambanks requires a 310 permit per Montana Law. This includes emergency work for flood control, etc. If you have questions, please call 683-3802.

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