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Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture Board Meeting On 11/12/2020

Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

Meeting Agenda

November 12, 2020

8:30am – The Klondike

8:30am - Welcome and Introductions of Guests John

8:35am – Approval of the Agenda John

8:40am - Approval of Minutes John

8:45am – Approval of Financial Report Bob

8:55am - Executive Director Report Rebecca

- Halloween Party Wrap Up

- Lunch n Learn – Nov. 19th

- Parade of Lights – Dec. 4th

9:05am – CVB: COVID Safety Grant Update Bob/Rebecca

9:15am – CVB: Website Discussion John/Bob/Rebecca

9:25am – New Business John

9:30am – Adjournment John

Upcoming Board Events: Board Meeting, Dec. 10th and Lunch n Learn, Dec. 17th

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