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Beaverhead Ambulance Services Special District



April 21, 2023

10:00 a.m.

Beaverhead County Commissioners Room

Beaverhead County Courthouse

A. Call to Order

B. Review and approve minutes of January 20, 2023 meeting.

C. Review and approve minutes of January 23, 2023 special board meeting.

D. Announcements

a. Cancellation of Election

b. Other

E. Old Business

a. Board member elections – Resolution calling for election

b. Collection of funds.

c. Report on manager job descriptions, applications and interviewing.

d. Report on medical responders, applications and interviewing.

e. Discussion of status of continuing collection of funds.

f. Discussion of annual budget to provide financial basis for

employment of personnel.

F. New Business

a. Status of district/issues

i. Commissioner Mike McGinley

ii. Sheriff David Went

iii. Cathe Hucke

b. Next Meeting – July 21, 2023

G. Public Comment – Public comment on items of significant public interest,

not on the Agenda and within the jurisdiction of the Beaverhead

Ambulance Services Special District Board.

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