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BCHS State Instrumental Music Results

Updated: May 8, 2023

From Katie Raffety:

All instrumental entries received either Superior (I) or Excellent (II) scores. All band students received at least one superior score on something they performed in. I am so proud of our students and all of the hard work they put in to make festival great! We received many compliments on how professional and nice to work with our students were. They carried themselves well and were so prepared. A highlight of festival was getting to have BCHS alum, Jenny Hunt as our flute adjudicator! Special thanks to our accompanists Charlene Loge, Laurie Hagenbarth and Jan Mock for all of their hard work this semester- we had an exceptional number of soloists this year and we were so lucky to have such talented pianists be willing to support them. All of our large ensembles will perform on our May 23rd concert at 7:30 pm, I invite you to join us to see what they've put together!

Instrumental Music Scores:

  • Jazz Band: II

  • Woodwind Ensemble: I

  • Brass Choir: I

  • Percussion Ensemble: I

  • Saxophone Ensemble: II

  • Saxophone Quartet: II

  • Low Brass Trio: I

  • Jesse Bojkovsky, Flute: I

  • Kaycee Pilon, Flute: I

  • Severen Meier, Flute: I

  • Bojkovsky/Pilon Flute Duet: II

  • Ryanne Hutchinson, Clarinet: I

  • Quincee Anderson, Clarinet: I

  • Aubrey Hawley and Ryanne Hutchinson Clarinet Duet: II

  • Laura Martin, Alto Sax: II

  • Izzy Regan, Alto Sax: II

  • Alexy Navarrete, Alto Sax: II

  • Cameron Longie, Tenor Sax: I

  • Maddie Knight, Baritone Sax: I

  • Sage McKnight, Trumpet: I

  • Hank Hagenbarth, Trumpet: I

  • Misael Jimenez and Sage McKnight Trumpet Duet: II

  • Hunter Wigen, Trombone: II

  • Henry Hawes, Euphonium: I

  • Micaiah Kizzar, Euphonium: I

  • Hailey Powell, Tuba: I

  • Micaiah Kizzar and Hailey Powell Duet: I

  • Jacob Harvey, Marimba: I

  • Daniel Leonardson, Marimba: II

  • Jacob Harvey and Ryanne Hutchinson Duet: I

  • Hannah Carlisle, Piano: I

  • Hannah Carlise and Laura Martin Piano Duet: I

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