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Band / Choir Fire Truck Ride To Be Held On 5/17

Updated: May 16, 2022

We will be having a fire truck ride on Tuesday, May 17th beginning at 11:55. The ride will follow the normal parade route and end by passing by Parkview. Our students and advisors worked very hard and the results are proof. Below you will find the results from the State Music Festival on May 6th - 7th. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Entries receiving a "One" or "Superior" rating:

Woodwind Ensemble: Jesse Bojkovsky, Evey Hansen, Ryanne Hutchinson, Severen Meier, Kaycee Pilon, Laura Martin, Alexy Navarette, Mateo Rupolo, Cameron Longie, Maddie Knight

Brass Choir: Henry Hawes, Sage McKnight, Ryder DuBois, Misael Jimenez, Kyle Hawley, Brady Aldrich, Sam Anderson, Joel Harvey, Micaiah Kizzar, Hailey Powell

Low Brass Quartet:

  • Ruder DuBois, Henry Hawes, Hailey Powell, Micaiah Kizzar

  • Jesse Bojkovsky, Flute Solo

  • Severen Meier, Flute Solo

  • Quincee Anderson, Clarinet Solo

  • Micaiah Kizzar, Euphonium Solo

  • Hailey Powell, Tuba Solo

  • Micaiah Kizzar and Hailey Powell Low Brass Duet

  • Aubrey Hawley and Laura Martin Piano Duet

Entries receiving a "Two" or "Excellent" Rating:

Percussion Ensemble: Jacob Harvey, Kyle Hawley, Daniel Leonardson, Cayenne McCabe, Kaycee Pilon, Jesse Bojkovsky, Kyle Jones

Saxophone Ensemble: Laura Martin, Mateo Rupolo, Alexy Navarrete, Cameron Longie, Maddie Knight

Jazz Band: Mateo Rupolo, Laura Martin, Quincee Anderson, Cameron Longie, Maddie Knight, Ryder DuBois, Henry Hawes, Kyle Hawley, Joel Harvey, Micaiah Kizzar, Hailey Powell, Sam Anderson, Jesse Bojkovsky, John Bramlet, Kyle Jones

  • Mateo Rupolo, Saxophone Solo

  • Cameron Longie, Saxophone Solo

  • Jacob Harvey, Marimba Solo

  • Sage McKnight, Trumpet Solo

  • Jacob Harvey and Daniel Leonardson Marimba Duet


Superior Performances:

Mixed Ensemble: Jesse Bojkovsky, Daniel Kadrmas, Isareina McCrea, Kyrah Mitchell, Ronnie Porter, Gracie Reiser, Daisy Rhodes, Tianna Wagenfehr, Audrey Zeren

Teen Tones: Isareina McCrea, Kyrah Mitchell, Ronnie Porter, Gracie Reiser, Daisy Rhodes, Tianna Wagenfehr, Audrey Zeren

Men’s Ensemble: Stephan Baker, Jesse Bojkovsky, Xavier Currie, Daniel Kadrmas

Senior Trio: Gracie Reiser, Daisy Rhodes, Tianna Wagenfehr


  • Jesse Bojkovsky/ Daniel Kadrmas-Vocal Duet

  • Gracie Reiser/Tianna Wagenfehr-Vocal Duet

  • Kyrah Mitchell/ Audrey Zeren- Vocal Duet


  • Daniel Kadrmas- Vocal Solo

  • Olivia Kailey- Vocal Solo

  • Kyrah Mitchell-Vocal Solo

  • Gracie Reiser-Vocal Solo

  • Daisy Rhodes-Vocal Solo

  • Tianna Wagenfehr-Vocal Solo

  • Audrey Zeren-Vocal Solo

Excellent Performances:


  • Delainey Housel/ Katie Johnson- Vocal Duet


  • Jesse Bojkovsky-Vocal Solo

  • Karli Cottom-Vocal Solo

  • Katie Johnson-Vocal Solo

  • Kaycee Pilon-Vocal Solo

  • Ronnie Porter-Vocal Solo

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