Alder Creek, Trail Creek, And Christensen Fire Updates For 07/26/2021

Alder Creek

Current Size: 8,347 Acres

Current Containment: 10%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 378

Engines: 15

Hand crews: 6

Alder Creek Fire: Fire activity picked up Sunday due to high winds and low

humidity. The fire was active in the Alder Creek and Deno Creek drainages. On

Monday, crews will continue to focus efforts in the Alder Creek and Deno Creek

areas by improving containment lines and utilizing strategic fire operations when

necessary. Engines will continue to patrol and support structure protection.

Evacuations: On Sunday, the Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office issued a Stage 2

Evacuation Order for residences on southwest side of Hwy 43 from Alder Creek

Road north to Dickie Bridge. All other existing evacuations will remain in effect.

More info on the stages of evacuation:


Trail Creek

Current Size: 31,124 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 147

Engines: 4

Hand Crews: 4

Trail Creek Fire: Fire activity increased on Sunday. The fire worked its way up to

the Continental Divide, with approximately 15 acres slopping over to the Idaho

side. On Monday, crews will be working along the Continental Divide to address

this slop over and improve control lines. North of Hwy 43, firefighters will

continue to enhance the Lost Trail Rd and ensure the Big Hole Battlefield and

communication tower are secure.


Current Size: 4,070 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 13

Engines: 3

Hand Crews:

Christensen Fire: The Christensen Fire was active on Sunday with some uphill runs

accompanied by long range spotting. The fire continues to push to the east.

Firefighters will continue to identify potential control lines using old roads, creeks,

and previous fire scars. Fire growth to the north remains minimal and the fire is