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Alder Creek, Trail Creek, and Christensen Fire Updates 07/21/2021

Alder Creek Fire

Current Size: 5,676 Acres

Current Containment: 3%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 308

Engines: 16

Hand crews: 6

Alder Creek Fire: The fire experienced minimal growth yesterday, slowly moving

towards the Hwy 43 and Pioneer Scenic Byway corridors. Crews focused on

stopping the main fire by using tactical fire to remove burnable fuels, but rain has

slowed firing operations. Fire engines and hand crews continue to hold and

improve containment lines and protect structures today. Fire growth is expected

to be slower today, however potential high winds accompanying thunderstorms

may increase fire spread.

Trail Creek Fire

Current Size: 23,875 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 126

Engines: 4

Hand Crews: 3

Trail Creek Fire: The fire grew minimally yesterday, continuing to push slowly east

along the Hwy 43 corridor. Strategic firing at the Big Hole National Battlefield

protected adjacent private structures and the Visitor Center. Firefighters will

continue holding lines and working hotspots. South of Hwy 43, the plan is to hold

the fire on Butler Creek where it intersects with Foothills Rd. Firefighters are

working to stop the fire from spreading to the Continental Divide. Fire growth is

expected to be slower today, however potential high winds accompanying

thunderstorms may increase fire spread.

Christensen Fire

Current Size: 210 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Resources Assigned: 1

Total personnel: 1


Hand Crews:

Christensen Fire: Currently the fire is at 210 acres and is located approximately

six miles west of the Alder Creek Fire. No structures are threatened at this time. A

Branch Director has been assigned and is identifying primary and alternative

control lines.

WEATHER: All three fires received rain yesterday. The potential for

thunderstorms and high winds are possible again this afternoon and evening and

should hold moisture.

Temp: Max 80F; Humidity: 20-25%

Wind: SW 10-20 mph, with gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon.


• Hwy 43 has been intermittently opened and closed depending on fire

conditions. Please check the Montana DOT Road Report website: for current status.

• Continental Divide Trail: Closed from Montana/Idaho border NW to Chief

Joseph Pass and NE to Trail 3062.

• Big Hole National Battlefield is closed until further notice. North and South Van

Houten, Miner Lakes, Twin Lakes and May Creek Campgrounds are closed.

• Forest Closure orders are in effect for all three fires. Visit the Closure Section

on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF and Salmon-Challis NF websites for specifics.


The Forest ordered Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. Campfires, stove fires, charcoal

barbecues and grills are prohibited unless using permanent fire pits or fire grates

within developed recreation sites.

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