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2024 Rural Schools Track Meet Results

Results of the 2024 Rural Schools Track Meet, May 10

The top scorers for each of the classifications:

Kindergarten Girls: 1 st Ava Welch (Wise River); 2 nd Anna Reeves (Alder)

Kindergarten Boys: 1 st Fox Cottingham (Wisdom); 2 nd Eowyn Thompson (Alder)

Class D Girls: 1 st Kaylynn Zahn (Reichle); 2 nd Laney Fitch (Reichle)

Class D Boys: 1 st Roman Johnson (Lima); 2 nd Blake Schuler (Lima)

Class C Girls: 1 st Callie Rainsdon (Lima); 2 nd Haylee Kellogg (Lima)

Class C Boys: 1 ST Keegan Bailey (Lima); 2 nd Oliver Stevenson (Wisdom)

Class B Girls: 1 st Kooper Stevenson (Wisdom); 2nd Baylee White (Riechle)

Class B Boys: 1 st Zaiden Laurie (Wisdom); 2 nd Easton Wellman (Lima)

Class A Girls: 1 st Isabell McQuiston (LIMA); 2 nd Travee Carpenter (Divide)

Class A Boys: 1 st tie Cameron Breitsman (Divide) and Scheyer Haws (Lima)

Team scores were not kept. The directors (managers) of the track meet were

Alyssa Smith from Jackson and Kacen Shank from Polaris.

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