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2020, Here we come!

As we leave 2019 behind us, we at Southwestern Montana News want to reflect on what our hope is for the coming year. This site is more than a fleeting dream, more than something to come and go like the latest trend. We know people have more demands than ever before. Work pressures, family life, and extracurricular commitments aplenty.

Because of these intricate parts of your world, our goal for 2020 is to deliver the news you need at the touch of your fingertips. We want you to find all the community events and news in one place. We strive to bring you and your families up to date information the second we learn about it. You are the community! You matter! And we want to give you a voice.

Our hope is that Southwestern Montana News becomes a collaborative effort between local businesses and the people who support them. People who visit Montana are searching for that link to our simpler, friendly way of life. People from this neck of the woods sometime take for granted the rich history, beauty, and calm that comes from living here. If we can showcase just a glimpse into our world, the future can lead the way to bigger and better things.

With 2019 taking it's final curtain call, we want to thank all those who have supported the idea of Southwestern Montana News. Your excitement and enthusiasm has not been lost on us. We want to live up to the promise we have instilled in the community thus far. We're here to deliver news, no matter how big or small, free of charge, in exciting new media

formats, so that you can stop searching for answers that might not be readily available online. You shouldn't learn about events after they have happened. 2020 is about taking charge, and we don't want you to miss any part of it!

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